August 5, 2014

Holy shit Pickathon was fun this year!
Performing on the woods stage was one of our favorite shows we’ve ever played. Not to mention that We got our head caved in by the likes of The Sadies, Angel Olsen, X, Jonathan Richman, Warpaint, Mac Demarco, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, etc…the list goes on, sheesh.

It’s going to take a while to process, in the meantime here are some photos my buddy Todd Cooper shot over this weekend.

Thanks again Pickathon, a real honor.

July 31, 2014


Shakey Graves - at the Heartbreaker Banquet hosted by newportfolkfest

Jane Pickens Theater 7.26.14

Josh wool killed it

July 28, 2014
A note for you

This morning I sent this out to everyone who has donated any amount of money towards my music in the past:

Howdy y’all,

It’s your old buddy Shakey Graves.
First and foremost I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
If you are receiving this letter it’s because at some point you donated money towards my musical endeavors, which has allowed me to survive.

Your direct support of independent music and wonderful websites like bandcamp has been essential in my understanding of what is most important as I navigate this terrible and glorious industry…The rules are changing, and you are enabling artists like me to help lead that charge.

Since the days of recording Roll The Bones in various living rooms on questionable equipment, a lot has changed but the heart of the operation has remained the same. I turned my Austin home into a studio and with the help of dear friends and trusted musicians, started developing new work.

I am thrilled to announce that my sophomore album “And The War Came” is set to release on October 7th. It’s a step forward for me, a full platform release, a bigger sound I’ve always wanted to explore, and much more collaboration than I have had in the past. So much is the same yet so much has changed both in my life and in the music I am able to create, and this album is the story of that transformation.

And The War Came can be pre-ordered digitally beginning today on Bandcamp ( Upon pre-ordering the album, you will also instantly receive a download of the song “Dearly Departed” featuring my great friend and musician, Esmé Patterson. You can visit to pre-order And The War Came on vinyl, CD or digital. You can also see newly posted tour dates for my Fall Headline Tour ( to pre-order And The War Came on vinyl, CD or digital. You can also see newly posted tour dates for my Fall Headline Tour (, beginning in October.

Again, I really really really couldn’t have done this without your support and I hope that you are as excited as I am to ride into the future of what Shakey Graves truly is.
Your support has allowed me to trust my instincts and achieve my goal of moving organically within the music that I perform and write.
You keep me flexible, motivated, and sane (ish)…ha
For that I am forever, happily in your debt.

Alejandro Rose-Garcia
“Shakey Graves”

February 10, 2014

besidetheyell0wline said: I was extremely depressed like 9 months ago when I first heard your song Word of Mouth and it kind of saved me from the dark dark place I was in. It was morbidity that I needed to stop being dumb and thinking so irrationally. When people try to comfort depressed people they always say, oh it gets better, oh it'll be ok. Word of mouth just let me hear that life's not gonna be any less of a struggle but everyone has that struggle so you can surely deal with it. thanks for sharing it with the world

Thank you, that is exactly what its all about.

February 10, 2014

blackholesunrise said: Why doesn't your album have the raspy, distorted sound like when you played at the good music club? Is that how you usually sound live or was that just for that venue/recording? If not are you going to re-record with that sound?

That album was the birth of all of those songs, and thats how the recordings are supposed to sound.  It turns out over time, as I played the songs more they became louder and raspier, but no Ill never re record that, although live stuff will surely be released over time.
Whats done is done my friend, over and onward!

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