February 10, 2014

besidetheyell0wline said: I was extremely depressed like 9 months ago when I first heard your song Word of Mouth and it kind of saved me from the dark dark place I was in. It was morbidity that I needed to stop being dumb and thinking so irrationally. When people try to comfort depressed people they always say, oh it gets better, oh it'll be ok. Word of mouth just let me hear that life's not gonna be any less of a struggle but everyone has that struggle so you can surely deal with it. thanks for sharing it with the world

Thank you, that is exactly what its all about.

February 10, 2014

blackholesunrise said: Why doesn't your album have the raspy, distorted sound like when you played at the good music club? Is that how you usually sound live or was that just for that venue/recording? If not are you going to re-record with that sound?

That album was the birth of all of those songs, and thats how the recordings are supposed to sound.  It turns out over time, as I played the songs more they became louder and raspier, but no Ill never re record that, although live stuff will surely be released over time.
Whats done is done my friend, over and onward!

February 10, 2014

splitlipgallagher said: of course i was out of town and unable to purchase all the temporarily released stuff that was out on sg day so i missed it :( Is all that wonderful stuff available anywhere else/ will it ever be available anywhere else?

Not until next SG day, although I fully support you tracking it down through the internet any way you can figure out how.

February 10, 2014

charlieyaris said: What does a 20-year-old have to do to get into a Shakey Graves concert?

a fake ID

February 3, 2014



The only thing I can imagine doing on a day that bears my own silly moniker, is giving back to the folks who have supported me along the way.
The tradition thus far has been to release strange or unheard material and allow all of my albums to be downloaded for free for three days.
So, starting Friday the 7th and ending Sunday the 9th, all of the  Shakey material i have released thus far will be available for “pay what you want” at www.shakeygraves.com including the releases from SG Days past and some new mysterious tunes!

MOST IMPORTANTLY!  if you are in the Austin area, ill be throwing this years party at the Empire Control Room on feb 9th!!

5$ at the door! 18+ free screen printed shirt of your choice(until they run out), and music by some of my favorite Austinites!!!…dont miss it!!!, lets dance.

I cant thank my friends, family, and fans enough for enabling me to take a different ascent up the mighty mountain that is the music industry.  I am working on the next stage of Shakey Graves development, which will expand on all the sounds and themes I have acquired in my travels.
It will be close to the chest, it will be big and ballsy, it will be something I am excited for you to hear.
Thank you Austin, thank you Texas, thank you America, thank you Canada!

I love you.
-Alejandro Rose-Garcia
Shakey Graves

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