January 10, 2012
Feb. 9th proclaimed “SHAKEY GRAVES DAY”


I have been bestowed with one of the most insane honors of my life by The City of Austin…

February 9, 2012 will be proclaimed “Shakey Graves Day” in Austin, Texas by the Austin Mayor.

 I am scheduled to perform a song in the council chambers at City Hall at approximately 5:30 p.m.
After performing one song for the Mayor and Council members you will receive a Proclamation.
The City Council meetings air live on Cable Channel 6, so tell all your family,
friends to watch and don’t forget to set your DVR!

The album “Roll The Bones” will be archived at the city along side all musicians honored with a proclamation.

Basically my mind has popped.
SHAKEY GRAVES DAY?!?!?! oh….kay…..SO….what are you going to do on Shakey Graves day?

That is the question….

Go sit in the woods, go jump in a pool, go ride a pony.

Drink an entire bottle of booze, get naked, have a picnic, perhaps not in that exact order.

I would love to do something on that day. Maybe a little show, or just go out on the town.

Who knows!  Suggestions?

Seriously though, this is an immense honor.  To even have the opportunity to be archived as part of my home town’s musical history is a dream come true. 

To have my album put alongside all the other hard working bands in this wonderful city is really the best part.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me through travels, my woes, my ups, my downs.  Thank you to The City of Austin. A big thank you to my friends and family, and especially the fans across the globe.



Alejandro Rose-Garcia

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    Nice, the City of Austin recognizing great music.
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    honored by his city. W. T. F. Awesome!
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    Holy shit this is awesome! YES YES YES! I’ll be drinking bathtub gin and screaming at the moon. SEE YA THEN!
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    If anyone deserves this, it’s...guy. Congratulations!
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